Reflections of the Christian about the 2010 Winter season Olympics

The Religious life offers often been when compared with a competition. The apostle John (1 Corinthians 9: 24-27, Galatians two: 2, Philippians two: 16, two Timothy four: 7) and also the author associated with Hebrews understood their visitors would realize the assessment. Although the actual Olympic video games were questionnable in source, people residing in Biblical times could visit a relationship between your dedication necessary to compete within games, maybe even the historic Olympic video games, and the actual Christian existence.

“Therefore, all of us also, since we’re surrounded by so excellent a impair of witnesses, let’s lay apart every pounds, and the actual sin that so very easily ensnares all of us, and let’s run along with endurance the actual race that’s set prior to us, searching unto Christ, the writer and finisher in our faith, who for that joy which was set prior to Him suffered the mix, despising the actual shame, and it has sat down in the right hand from the throne associated with God” (Hebrews 12: 1-2 NKJV).


• Whenever Joannie Rochette associated with Canada skated the woman’s short plan just 2 days following her mom died of the heart assault, it had been before the crowd associated with over 11, 000 observers. These were awed which night because she scored an individual best as well as again 2 days later on when your woman won the actual bronze honor. The bloggers, some previous Olympic winners themselves, were surprised by the woman’s grace and capability to carry upon through the woman’s grief.

• The actual writer associated with Hebrews mentions an excellent cloud associated with witnesses following naming a few of the strongest religious giants from the ages. Those for the reason that roll phone were trustworthy despite numerous hardships. These were commended through God simply because they did not quit. No issue how difficult the race is perfect for the believer, spectators within the family associated with God tend to be cheering him or her on.


• Apolo Ohno, that now offers eight Olympic medals, stated, “Being a good Olympic athlete personally is 100% real sacrifice. inch Lindsey Vonn, after successful her precious metal medal within the 2010 winter season Olympics, stated, “I’ve quit everything with this. It indicates everything in my experience. ” Shaun Whitened, winner from the gold within the men’s halfpipe, stated, “I didn’t emerge here to attend anything. inch

• Training is really a necessary prelude towards the race. Complete commitment is a part of that instruction. Just such as the Olympic sports athletes, the Religious life isn’t for the actual lazy. There’s sacrifice included. It is effort, but a lot more than worth each and every effort to create glory in order to God.


• Sven Kramer from the Netherlands experienced about the most unsatisfactory moments within Olympic background. After getting broken the speed report and allegedly securing the actual gold honor for their speedskating occasion, he had been disqualified. The report was struck and also the gold honor was dropped because their coach, Gerard Kemkers, convinced him to alter lanes throughout the race. Sven’s preliminary anger had been understandable. Nevertheless, the following day, he realized it would not really benefit him or her, his group, his trainer or their country in the event that he hung onto resentment. He ignore it.

• Satan is actually well conscious of what may ensnare the life span of any kind of Christian. He’ll use which to their advantage. He is in the commercial of slowly destroying the fresh fruit, or the actual prize, from the believer’s existence. The Holy bible tells us that people should know his schemes and also to resist him or her. The way to achieve that is in order to draw nearer to Christ, that knew absolutely no sin.


• The actual huge grins about the faces from the medal winners continue to be plastered over the internet as well as newspapers. On their behalf, all the actual preparation as well as pain had been worth the actual prize.

• Christ, for the actual joy arranged before Him or her, endured Their race, that was the journey towards the cross. Individuals who believe within Him tend to be His pleasure. As Their followers, we will even experience accurate and enduring joy once we run the race with regard to His beauty.


• Within the modern Olympics, awards are precious metal, silver as well as bronze medals. Those weren’t the awards, however, within the ancient Olympic video games. In “The Local Wars, inch Tritantaechmes, upon learning how the prize for that ancient Olympic games wasn’t money however an olive wreath, is believed to have announced, “Good heavens, Mardonius, what types of men tend to be these towards whom you’ve brought all of us to battle – males who contend together, not for the money, but with regard to honor. inch

• Christ wore the crown associated with thorns so people who trust within Him might inherit the crown associated with glory. John said which his overhead was their faithful siblings in Christ (1 Thessalonians two: 19. Jesus states that faithfulness is actually rewarded using the crown associated with life (Revelations two: 10). Because Christians, the hope associated with glory is actually Jesus Themself (Colossians 1: 28).


• Around 12, 000 everyone was active in the torch relay prior to the 2010 winter season Olympics. Throughout the closing ceremony about the last day from the games, the actual flame had been extinguished.

• The actual light that the Christian bears is in no way extinguished because Christians reveal the light from the one who’s Light Themself. As all of us walk within His gentle here (1 Steve 1: 7), we can anticipate being within the city in which the glory associated with God provides light permanently (Thought 21: twenty three).

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