Audi Motorsport Street. Petersburg Being approved Race Statement

Audi Motorsport group has effectively qualified within the recent United states Le Mans Sequence (ALMS) competition held in the St. Petersburg signal in Sarasota. At the start of the competition, defending champ Allan McNish arranged the speed aboard the actual Audi R10 TDI along with 650 hp. Unfortunately, he completed the being approved race just grabbing the 3rd spot, as 2 Acura LM P2 sports activities cars throttled enough to find the first as well as second place.

But on the other hand, the being approved race within St. Petersburg circuit is really a success with regard to Audi Motorsport. Here are a few comments through team mind and motorists.

Dr Wolfgang Ullrich, Mind of Audi Motorsport: “The being approved results demonstrated our pc calculations: About this track with the present regulations, the LM P2 cars are simply in a much better position. Despite this with lots of effort, Allan (McNish) tried to obtain to the front strip. If a person take optimum risk, it may happen that you simply spin. Fortunately there isn’t much harm to the vehicle. ”

Dave Maraj (Group Director Audi Sport The united states): “Qualifying was much better than I’d anticipated and the two Audis are nearer to the Porsches compared to I’d predicted using the #1 Audi simply three-tenth’s away pole-position. In regards to what kind associated with speed the actual LM P2 course Porsches may run within the race when compared with us we’ll have to wait and find out. ”

Allan McNish (on-board the Audi R10 TDI along with VW connect rods): “I pushed towards the absolute optimum and regrettably pushed a tad too hard leading to me striking the walls exiting Change 9 after attempting to carry an excessive amount of speed via. Porsche had removed my provisional post position and I needed it back again. A great qualifying placement was vital to obtain here and today the additional battle occurs within the race. I have no idea how it will work out for all of us with a variety of strategies becoming applied however we’ve found a great set-up for the car. inch

Dindo Capello (Audi R10 TDI #1): “It’s likely to be the actual toughest race up to now for the actual Audi R10 TDI. Allan demonstrated in qualifying that people have great speed and today we must attempt to reproduce which pace within the race for just two hours as well as 45 min’s. I think that this is difficult for all of us to achieve when compared to lighter and much more agile LM P2 vehicles. Turns 5 in order to 8 particularly hurt the heavier vehicle. But the days we possess achieved are much better than we expected, especially following walking the actual circuit the other day. ”

Emanuele Pirro (Audi R10 TDI #2): “The Street. Petersburg event is actually good and also the race track perfectly built. Although the R10 TDI is really a car that likes quick straight lines a lot more than tight edges it’s nice to talk about this event using the IndyCar Sequence. Marco did a great lap within qualifying. We now have a various tyre choice compared to other vehicle. Practice period was brief, so all of us still need to improve the actual set-up a bit. But I believe the health of our car is preferable to our placement shows within qualifying. The actual race is actually long, so I’m getting excited about it. inch

Marco Werner (Audi R10 TDI #2): “Things didn’t go as well bad these days. We enhanced from program to program — even with a full second in the last exercise to being approved. The clapboard was great, the period also. However the starting placement obviously isn’t perfect. Going to the race through seventh placement means you’re in the center of the load up. It might have been nicer to begin further for the front. But more wasn’t possible today personally. You have experienced also along with Allan that people are driving directly on the advantage. “

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