The #1 Damage in Ladies Hockey

What is the most typical injury within female handbags?

It isn’t knee accidental injuries.

It isn’t shoulder accidental injuries.

It isn’t back accidental injuries.

One damage happens a lot more than any other and may have probably the most devastating effects of.

Concussions are the most typical injury within women’s handbags.

In truth, the NCAA sport using the highest concussion price (undoubtedly) is actually women’s handbags.
It isn’t men’s handbags or mens football.

In the university degree, female handbags players endure 1 concussion for each 1000 “exposures” towards the game — with every practice as well as game counting as you exposure.

On the team associated with 20 gamers, that indicates 1 concussion each and every 50 exposures.

Female handbags players are TWICE prone to suffer the concussion compared to male handbags players as well as almost 3 TIMES more most likely than soccer players.

Pretty amazing for any sport that does not allow complete body-checking, is not it?

Although data on more youthful players tend to be harder in the future by, I’d guess which their concussion rate will be just because high (and perhaps even greater) than using the women.

Girls are experiencing more exposures than ever before to the activity – these people compete upon school groups, club groups, travel groups, Olympic improvement teams as well as weekend event teams.

Girls’ handbags players tend to be playing as much as the actual boys — but are becoming hurt two times as often.

Leg, shoulder as well as back injuries could be devastating to some young player who desires simply to play the activity they love in the highest degree possible, however they rarely possess the same long-term effects like a concussion.


Here tend to be two recommendations on ways to help to avoid concussions within girls handbags players.

1) Girls need to be better ready physically.

An overwhelming quantity of you thought that deficiencies in strength as well as conditioning was a large reason for that alarmingly higher incidence associated with concussions within girls’ handbags.

The stronger a person is, the much better she can hold the woman’s ground when she’s hit at any time (that is how a lot of concussions occur in girls’ handbags).

Because they build better primary stability, stability and general strength, players tend to be better in a position to control their health in room and endure the pressure of effect.

Another essential prevention technique is ensuring players warm-up just before hitting the actual ice. A correct 10 moment off-ice warm-up will make sure that a player’s thoughts and muscles are prepared for the actual intensity from the on-ice program – and can go quite a distance towards stopping all accidental injuries (not only concussions).

2) Girls have to be taught how you can take popular.

In each and every girls’ or even women’s game I’ve ever viewed or performed, there is definitely a minumum of one instance where I believe, “Good point we do not have full body-checking simply because that player might have been run-over”.

The feminine game might not have complete body-checking, but girls are likely to get strike.

We tend to be doing the players an excellent disservice through not training them how to protect on their own if (so when) these people do obtain hit. In the event that more instructors, teams as well as associations begin showing girls how you can take popular properly, it goes quite a distance towards stopping concussions, in addition to a whole lot of additional injuries.

Main point here:

It is actually our responsibility to make certain that our players are ready, both actually and psychologically, each and each time they come out on the actual ice.

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